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Pipe and Drape Rental

Pipe & Drape is an ideal system to make large event venues seem smaller or to add to the atmosphere of the room. The system consists of horizontals, vertical uprights, bases, and backdrops. Pipe & Drape systems are often used for parties, shows, corporate events and conferences. The Pipe & Drape system comes in heights between 1.20 and 4.50 meters. We stock several colors Black, Grey, white and red. Devs staging stocks curtains in the color Blue, Grey, white and Black. the curtains are available from 5m till 10 meter.


Pipe and Drape front of house rental Kit

The easy-to-build Front of House kit is specifically designed for fast and efficient covering of the Front of House set. All parts are packed and well sorted in a single flight case. With the FOH kit it is possible to build 18 meters of Pipes & Drapes.

pipe and drape FOH Kit

Strech shape rental

Stretch shapes add color, dimension and light to any event, display or stage production. We have the strech shape in square and triangle.