Green Hippo Media server Catalyst Dataon Watchout


We stock a wide range of media servers so you can work with your preferred system – available with required hardware.

DATATON Watchout v6

The multi-display software that lets you orchestrate stills, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds across multiple display areas, soft-edge or scattered. Licence Keys, High-End PC Hardware and Programming Available.

WATCHOUT is used in live events, 3D mapping, broadcast, digital signage, museums, planetariums, show rooms, visitor attractions and experience centers. In other words – virtually any market or application where you want multiple display devices and maximum impact

Catalyst Media Server v5 Pro

Catalyst software is an image processing system that provides the facilities to control and manipulate high resolution (HD & 4K) movies, live camera, or images for playback through any number of video projection or LED screen devices.

Catalyst offers an incredible range of image processing tools. Up to 20x Composite or 8x SD/HD-SDI live video inputs are possible using multiple capture cards. Controlled via DMX / Artnet or standalone, catalyst provides instant access playback high resolution (HD & 4K) content and the ability to manipulate images with a range of colour and visual effects. Precise keystone or 3D geometry control can be achieved within each layer or globally on a mixed output.

Multiple sub mixes allow layers to be assigned independently to low resolution LED fixtures and LED wall controllers on one screen, or simultaneously to high resolution projectors or other display devices. Edge blending is achievable in any direction, with editable percentage presets, curves and mix offsets to create multiple projector panoramas. PixelMAD provides the facility to map video content on to DMX controlled LED fixtures and enable them to be used as a low resolution video screen.

DMX / Artnet control of Catalyst allows for unified control of lighting and video playback, by programming cues on a DMX lighting console. A built in web server provides remote monitoring control and diagnostics. Standalone control of Catalyst is achievable by using the presets in conjunction with built in cuelists. MIDI control surfaces can be used to assist programming of presets for use on the timeline-based cuelists. In addition, MIDI, SMPTE, RS232, RS422 and device control is available to provide a powerful Show Control System.

Catalyst V5 can truly match your imagination, by providing almost unlimited creativity, with the potential combinations and manipulations of your digital video content and images.

Hippotizer v4 Boreal

The latest range of media servers from Green Hippo – V4 offers a district leap in performance with increased outputs that support resolutions to 4K and beyond. Built in 3D visualiser, SHAPE integration, all new output management and a re-designed user interface. Inside, Hippotizer V4 includes all Solid State Drives as standard and the latest graphics technology to deliver unmatched performance.